Bleeding Gums

Do Your Gums Bleed When Brushing or Flossing?

Having sore or painful gums is one of the symptoms of gum disease and should not be ignored. If you have infected gums or gums that bleed regularly, schedule a consultation with Dr. Israel Trujillo in Merced, CA for an oral health evaluation as soon as possible.

Some of the causes of bleeding gums include:
• Gum disease
• Medications
• Pregnancy

Any signs of infected gums such as bleeding gums or bad breath demand attention. Bleeding gums are one of the symptoms of gum disease and are a sign that you have an active infection in the mouth.

You May Have Gum Disease

Bleeding Gums in Merced, CA

Bleeding gums are just one of the signs that your gums have become infected or inflamed. Sore or painful gums should not be ignored and you must seek treatment as soon as possible. Here is a closer look at the common causes of bleeding gums:

Gum Disease

If you do not take care of your oral health, bacteria in the mouth can cause inflammation which makes the gums bleed and become inflamed. Bleeding gums are just one of the signs of gum disease and the early stages can be reversed with professional treatment and the right home care routine. If left untreated, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis which can cause tooth loss. There is no cure for periodontal disease but it can be managed with periodontal therapy, regular maintenance cleanings, and a meticulous home care regimen.


Some medications can increase the incidence of bleeding gums. You must tell Dr. Trujillo about all medications you are taking during your consultation.


Fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy can make the gums bleed when flossing, brushing, or eating. Regular dental cleanings are essential during pregnancy and are necessary to reduce the risk of periodontal disease which can lead to premature delivery.

If you think you have infected gums, schedule a consultation with Dr. Trujillo in Merced, CA as soon as possible. Call us for your appointment today!