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Your Oral Health is Linked to Overall Health

Taking good care of your health is essential for staying healthy because an infection in the mouth can travel to other parts of the body. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States and has been linked to a variety of complications, including heart disease and diabetes.

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Your Health and Gum Disease in Merced, CA

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body Merced, CAMaintaining oral health will help you keep a beautiful white smile and also reduces the risk of several health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. If you do not practice good oral hygiene habits, you may begin to develop gingivitis which progresses to periodontitis. Getting treatment for gum disease is essential for preserving your teeth and maintaining optimal oral health.

Pancreatic Cancer and Heart Disease

Several studies show a link between oral hygiene and overall health. Taking care of your oral health can reduce the risk of certain types of cancers such as pancreatic cancer. It can also lower the risk of heart disease and other health problems caused by inflammation in the body.


Keeping your gums healthy will help prevent periodontal disease and can also improve memory. Recent studies show that adults who have gingivitis perform worse on memory and cognitive skills tests than those who do not.


Diabetes can reduce the ability to fight off an infection which can increase your risk of developing an infection of the gums. Experts show that patients with untreated periodontal disease can find it difficult to control blood sugar levels. Getting treatment for gum disease is essential for keeping diabetes under control.

Preterm Delivery

Some research suggests a link between gingivitis and preterm delivery. One in eight babies are born prematurely and prevention is essential for ensuring a healthy delivery. Pregnant women need to take extra steps to prevent periodontal disease.

Healthy Childhood Habits

It is never too early to start teaching children about the importance of maintaining optimal oral health. Show children how to brush and floss their teeth regularly and be a role model for them through your own healthy habits.

Help protect your general health by maintaining a healthy oral environment. For more information about periodontitis treatment options in Merced, CA, schedule your consultation with Dr. Trujillo today!